GPT are a leader in affordable, efficient, enjoyable and educational fitness testing at scale in schools.

Free of charge consultation with the school prior to the event allows a long-term approach to support purposeful testing for valid outcomes and ensure teachers, students and parents are on board and educate on why we test.

Personal development for teachers and follow up learning to students is supported through GPTEducate too.

Sporting clubs

As an unbiased service provider we offer consistent support in areas of talent identification, development identification and benchmarks with reliability.

Whether community participation or sub-elite our services cater for all codes and ability levels.

For pre-season trials, GPT offer a comprehensive and neutral opportunity for team selection based on factual results reinforcing the identification of weaknesses in athletes for development.

Normative data that is sport specific can support your clubs understanding of where you rate and how you can improve.  Additional education to coaches is available under GPTEducate too.


Top level support to National and State Sporting Organisations provides important feedback in to participation, development, ability and coaching strategies.

GPT service all codes and ability levels identically with verified and supported protocols allowing key indicators to be visible for both talent and weakness identification.

Comprehensive research and data interpretations is available and coach education for the wider reach of professionalism in the links between sport science and active living.

Draft combines

Global Performance Testing provide unbiased, professional services as the sport science and data capture solution for large draft combine and talent identification events.

Hidden behind the scenes, our experienced staff and professional equipment reassures the validity and reliability of the events purpose under GPTQA conditions.

Data is securely collected and delivered under the requirements of the client including white labeling and brand alignment.


In support of education specific to sport science, exercise physiology, coaching, strength and condition and health GPT provide hands on experience for students from the perspective of both tester and subject.

Support through GPTEducate provides theoretic courses on purpose, delivery and interpretation of reliable testing while our practical services allow a hands on approach for students to empathise with their potential future clients.

Services are aligned to the learning curriculum of the college.