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"Give a family a fish and feed for the night.  Teach a family to fish and feed for a lifetime"

GPTQA learning courses range from the short online level 1 covering a fundamental knowledge of reliable field testing on people to more advanced level 2 conducting reliable testing and level 3 managing reliable testing environments and events.

The education solutions are designed to bridge the knowledge gap for athletes, talent identification scouts, coaches, teachers, students and parents between application and sport science purpose.

Levels 2 and 3 are more focused on professional outcomes and pathways with a growing recognition within the industry of people trained and experienced within this niche area of sport, exercise and active living.

GPTQA is an integral component to the wellness and physical literacy space.  See more information at


Each learning course has in-depth assessment either theoretical or practical for students to present their knowledge and abilities in the field.

While GPTQA level 1 reinforces a persons dedicated and understanding of the purpose, delivery and interpretation of performance testing and data, levels 2 and 3 expand this in to reliable practical ability to perform these tests too.

All GPT staff have a minimum accreditation to GPTQA level 2 guaranteeing the very best, unbiased services to the clients and true data to compare.

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Global Performance Testing collaborate with leading research institutes to answer questions related to health, sport and active living space with an enormous and growing resource of valid data.

Partnering with Victoria University in 2017 for a formal evaluation of the GPTQA procedures and services resulted in robust tick of approval as potential world leaders in this space.

GPTRD is a division dedicated to research and development of both purposeful protocols and technology to improve the wellness and information available to wider population internationally.