Fit3D – Team Corporate 50 Pack Coupon

$1,750.00 $1,000.00

Coupon for the GPTAus corporate 50 scan pack saves $15.00 per scan.  Simply purchase and book your scans through the Fit3D events at your convenience.

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Take your staff and members wellness seriously with a corporate scan pack and encourage greatness

This coupon allows the owner a full 8 hour, fully staffed professional Fit3D full body tracking scan session by Global Performance Testing Australia.

Scans are normally $35.00 each however at just $1,000.00 for the coupon you will save $750.00 and get the complete scan service for just $20.00 per person.  NOTE: If #TeamGPTAus can get through more scans in the 8 hours reliably, then there is no additional charge.

What is included in the service?  #TeamGPTAus arrange a convenient day to turn up to your workplace with all necessary equipment and a fully trained and GPTQA accredited staff member to take each staff member through the scan.  Our team liaise with your company on a custom booking system that staff can access to allocate a given time and all we ask is that the staff are allowed time out of their normal daily work (approximately 10 minutes) to take advantage of the opportunity.

Every client receives a private and secure personal account to see their results, track progress and get advice on ways of improving their overall wellness in easy to interpret dashboards supported by the #TeamGPTAus.  Note, due to privacy laws, the business may not have access to data and results unless specifically provided by the staff member directly to the business and the business has no right to demand such data.


  • Your coupon is valid for 365 days from purchase and we recommend scanning approximately every 12 weeks unless you are on a specific fitness challenge or development project
  • You must pre-book your appointment online

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