#TeamGPTAus provide GPTQA services to India

#TeamGPTAus in Mumbai, India

Phase 1 – Mumbai

The trip began with some test runs of the equipment and protocols under the extreme conditions of Mumbai with temperatures approaching 40 degrees Celsius and high humidity in the 80’s.  Once all the systems had passed it was soon time for the physical testing of students with #TeamGPTAus.

A key purpose of the trip was to research and assess ways in which the GPTQA systems of reliable and valid testing could be used in the differing conditions of India at scale.  Two main testing regimes were also considered; generic fitness testing and functional movement screening.


The entire experience was humbling for the GPT team as we were treated to constant refreshments and an extremely high level of respect by teachers, coaches and the students who were all dedicated to giving their very best to each test.

Not only was GPT Australia proving that there was ability to provide reliable testing to the community, our attention to training local coaches and test assistants in validity and consistency reinforced the feasibility that, given time and support, there was definite opportunity of sustainability.

Quality of testing has been a significant concern throughout India with many local and western service providers taking advantage of the high numbers while sacrificing quality and purpose.  GPT’s focus was to work through the barriers that cause these issues and to ensure a quality assured service for current and future generations in both sport and wellness.

#TeamGPTIndia test assistant performing vertical jump under supervision

The first phase of our trip gave GPT a real insight in to what it will take to bring the professional services to this significantly developing country with extraordinary people and a desire for success.

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