Combine 16

Professional and reliable verified testing and assessment services


  • Consultation with the client to ensure purposeful and educated protocols and event
  • Ethical approval and consent for data capture, privacy and data security
  • Event pre-planning including venue, health and safet and scheduling
  • Pre-event athlete registration support

Test event:

  • Full event management support from a performance testing laboratory perspective
  • Fully trained, experienced and accredited test staff including Working With Children Checks
  • Latest hardware and software solutions for reliable capture of data
  • Defined professional protocols managed with inter and intra trial reliability
  • Optional scoreboarding of results or data streaming for combine events
  • Bump in and bump out efficiently by GPT team
  • Supportive instruction and introduction to athletes to ease pressure and create an enjoyable experience


  • Four stage data verification
  • Data compiling and reporting in multiple levels
    • Athlete
    • Coach/Scout
    • Combine management (school, club, organisation)
  • Data delivery at the clients discretion
  • Access to wider resources including isolated and broader normative data for comparison and benchmark analysis
  • Post-test interpretation services

Global Performance Testing do not share any information or data without the individual consent of the athlete or subject.  Our services are purely unbiased without prejudice in any form.

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