With performance testing and elite sport science becoming an integral part of wellness and development globally, GPT is on a quest to collaborate and evolve the opportunities and professionalism to the client.

Our quest has four key strategic goals:

  1. Educate coaches, athletes and supporters in the purpose and outcomes of testing on people through our open GPTQA level 1 accreditation workshops
  2. Train and employ current sport and exercise scientists in the specific field of fitness, health and performance testing to ensure an international platform of reliable, unbiased data
  3. Bring affordable professional testing services to the wider community ensuring "apples for apples" in reliability and validity for benchmarks and development
  4. Align with like-minded professional federations and organisations globally to create a worthwhile data source of reliable information in which decisions can be made on the health, wellness and performance outcomes
GPTQA - Affordable Testing Project (ATP)

GPT Australia is the first to launch the "Affordable Testing Project" to sporting organisations and schools in Victoria, Australia.

Affordable Testing Project offers:

  • Fully verified testing by GPTQA accredited staff in controlled conditions
  • Supply of verified data to coaches, teachers, students and athletes under strict data and privacy protection
  • Reporting to support official benchmarks, development and comparisons to local, national and international data
  • Accredited test protocols with the latest hardware and software solutions for accuracy, validity and reliability
  • Access to every school, sporting club or group without bias on ability, gender, sport or opportunity
  • Affordable $9.99 per athlete for wellness testing battery or $14.99 for additional sport specific testing battery

The Affordable Testing Project is applicable to any school, college, university, sporting club, sporting federation, business or group of individuals larger than 150 people (subjects for testing) based in Victoria who can commit to a minimum of one testing session per annum for two consecutive years.

To apply, contact us or email to discuss your customised program and testing requirements.

GPT Australia guarantees the accuracy and reliability of our testing and data.  All staff have Working With Children Checks and are experienced to a minimum of GPTQA Level 2 accreditation.

"Let's ensure our athletes, students and clients receive true data with purpose for their personal development and wellness" - GD